No stopping convergence and social media

By Anthony Bayarong, Yasmin Lee Arpon, and Jose Torres Jr.
Final report for MMJ 191 subject

There is no stopping the use of social media and the phenomenon of convergence in the fast-evolving newsrooms in Southeast Asia. Traditional publications, community newspapers and alternative news organizations are making use of these new strategies.

We asked representatives of three media outfits in the region to share with us their reasons for adopting new approaches to their operations. All agreed that it is not only a business choice but a strategy for survival.

Anthony Bayarong, publisher and editor of, explained how he started a blog, which eventually evolved into a hyper-local website and news portal in Subic Freeport, the city of Olongapo and the province of Zambales. He also shared how social media helped him in news dissemination and the tools he uses to run a one-man news site. Currently his website is the only news portal in the area today.

Suthichai Yoon, editor in chief of the Nation Multimedia Group of Thailand, shared how he started the use of social media in reporting and how multimedia became part of the daily life of his media outfit. He leads by example. Yasmin reported that Mr Suthichai himself uses new media tools in his practice of journalism.

Jesuit priest Michael Kelly of the Union of Catholic Asia News discussed plans for the integration of social media in the operation of the Catholic news agency. He said the Church must adapt to the chaging times.

Convergence and the use of social media is a work in progress in many newsrooms in the region. But it is a reality that media cannot afford to ignore if it wants to survive in this fast-evolving world of information.

Video and photographs by: Anthony Bayarong, Yasmin Lee Arpon and Joe Torres Edited by: Anthony Bayarong 

Social media, mobile phone and the news room: MMJ week 8,9

When facebook was created it was a channel for people to connect with friends but along the way it has been embraced by newsroom everywhere, same goes with twitter and other social networking sites.

Social networking site gave instant access inside the newsroom; feedback can easily be received and can easily be replied by editor or reporters.

Delivering the news has become easy by using social networking site, searching and receiving new has also been speed up.

Breaking news has now been more fast, newsrooms use twitter, FB and other social networking site to break news, gathering information in certain events have also been easier.

In the country social network played a major role on disasters, information can easily be gathered, pictures and videos can easy be ‘snatched’ (lost for words) by newsrooms.

Should mobile phones be the primary reporting tool in a converged newsroom?

It should be like this “Should smartphones be the primary reporting tool in a converged newsroom?” if this is the question then the answer would be definitely yes!

The smartphone is like a laptop, video cam and a DSLR rolled into one small package. Its fast, light and most of all mobile.

Tons of aps can also be installed in this smartphone.

I have seen several video reports using the iphone alone. Smartphone can also stream video live which maybe the biggest asset, no need to bring the OB van anymore.

With the help of certain apps you can edit photos and videos with a smartphone and send it back to the desk or post it to social network including you text without any help of another single external device.

Tools for the not so new trade: MMJ week 7

Variety of tools is available for on-the-go journalist. Smartphones, tablets, DSLR, audio recorders Video recorders you name it’s and it out there.

So what’s the best tool? I really do believe that a good smartphone with and HD video capability and an 8 mega pixel camera on board is a perfect tool for Mobile Journalist (MOJO’s).


My personal kit is a macbook, a broadband stick and a canon 60d. I can do tons of things with this combination.

I haven’t got a smartphone but it seems like this would be a good single device that a journalist like me would carry around every day even with my MOJO kit.

Samsung Galaxay S2

I remember Josh Villanueva told us in one of his class that during his time in they purchased new gadgets and gave it to their reporters for testing in the field such as laptops, smartphone for DNG . These gadgets however are useless without the most effective tool today-the internet. What will you do with all you interview, photo and video if you don’t have any internet connection? Yes you can bring it to the newspaper office or TV station but who does that now a days?

Aside from this tools used by reporters in the field, software application also play a crucial role in convergence. Apps for smartphone, tablet and website are constantly being developed and upgraded. One flash application I love is the magazine type view in a website in which you can read the content like a real magazine, is a good example but there are apps better than issu.

The best so far I have notice but not yet practice is the smartphone. Iphone and the new smartphone by Samsung seem promising and I’ve heard lot of good things about it. It has its limitations but it is better than nothing.

As for the CMS wordpress rules, itsa user friendly CMS.

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