I survive Multimedia Journalism

It was nothing serious; it was just fun rather than anything else. It was a long shot. I was thinking who the hell am I to expect anything from Ateneo even more from the Asian Center for Journalism (ACFJ). I filed my application on the day of the deadline, I was in Subic and itContinue reading “I survive Multimedia Journalism”

Multimedia, connectivity and the Holy Grail: Week 5

This year Samsung announced its smart TV products with its stunning screen and cloud connectivity, it can also hook up to the internet. FB, twitter, and the whole internet including youtube can now be accessed through the smart TV. So what’s in it for the journalism world? For one convergence in the newsroom anchored onContinue reading “Multimedia, connectivity and the Holy Grail: Week 5”

My 2012 Watch List | Monday Note

By mondaynote.com When it comes to cracking the digital media code, 2011 involved more testing than learning. Media companies seem to be locked in a feverish search mode. Their sense of urgency is reinforced by the continuous depletion of worldwide fundamentals: digital advertising’s encephalogram remains flat (at best); and when audiences grow, revenues do not necessarily correlate. As forContinue reading “My 2012 Watch List | Monday Note”