You have waited for this for 15 years… I know it was torture for you..

Genel Mayo-Bayarong

Genel Mayo-Bayarong

We’ve built a family together.. You gave me 3 lovely kids,  they tortured you for 15 years And they will continue too do it for plenty of years to come…  I know it was torture for you..

Sometimes I make you cry, sometimes I make you sick because of all the thing I expected you to do.. I know it was torture for you..

I have a short temper, I don’t like fancy cloths even if you think I should wear them so I look good, I’m not an outgoing person.. I know it was torture for you..

Romantic, being sweet and expressing love is not my trait.. i know it was torture for you..

This is the way I love, it may not be perfect but I have tried but thats the way i do it….

I admire you very much.. why you may ask?… your still here so torture may not be that effective for you.

Today I fulfill my promise to you. I promised you that if I get to the 100% mark I would merry you. But here’s the thing.. the first time I met you, i knew your the girl for me, I was already 100%, i was just teasing you for 15 years… I know it was torture for you..

You have stuck with me through thick and thin, highs and lows, happy and sad moments in life.

You are my inspiration, I have learned to be patient, to love, to cook, to clean the house, to be a responsible father to our kids, to be gentle and sometimes to be firm, to be loyal and to live life.

You are my queen, my princess (even if Nica keeps trying to dethrone you), my love and my life.

I love you with all my life..