I survive Multimedia Journalism

It was nothing serious; it was just fun rather than anything else. It was a long shot.

I was thinking who the hell am I to expect anything from Ateneo even more from the Asian Center for Journalism (ACFJ).

I filed my application on the day of the deadline, I was in Subic and it was a Friday, meaning it would be received by the university the next day, a day past the deadline.

To make the story short I passed, I got the email, got a call and finally got the confirmation… I survived.

The first week inside the campus was hell… but in a good way.

It was one week of information overload, it may be the most intensive one week of my life and we had to produce a multimedia report the last day, I had no video editing experience all I know was to shoot photographs and write… but I survived.

I knew nothing about mixing up video, audio, photo, text, info graphics, etc to make a single report before being admitted in the multimedia journalism program.

I did not even know how to use the video capability of the camera I was using…. but I survived.

The program also made me understand the current situation of the journalism world including its business side both for the company and for the journalists.

Gone are the days when a team will compose of a writer, a photographer/videographer, lights man, sound guy, an editor and another team of personnel manning the OB van to transmit a report.

We were trained to do all of this……. and survived.

Been there… done that… move forward. A happy moment after my Multimedia Journalism final project defense at Ateneo de Manila University. Photo by Kat Palasi

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