Tools for the not so new trade: MMJ week 7

Variety of tools is available for on-the-go journalist. Smartphones, tablets, DSLR, audio recorders Video recorders you name it’s and it out there.

So what’s the best tool? I really do believe that a good smartphone with and HD video capability and an 8 mega pixel camera on board is a perfect tool for Mobile Journalist (MOJO’s).


My personal kit is a macbook, a broadband stick and a canon 60d. I can do tons of things with this combination.

I haven’t got a smartphone but it seems like this would be a good single device that a journalist like me would carry around every day even with my MOJO kit.

Samsung Galaxay S2

I remember Josh Villanueva told us in one of his class that during his time in they purchased new gadgets and gave it to their reporters for testing in the field such as laptops, smartphone for DNG . These gadgets however are useless without the most effective tool today-the internet. What will you do with all you interview, photo and video if you don’t have any internet connection? Yes you can bring it to the newspaper office or TV station but who does that now a days?

Aside from this tools used by reporters in the field, software application also play a crucial role in convergence. Apps for smartphone, tablet and website are constantly being developed and upgraded. One flash application I love is the magazine type view in a website in which you can read the content like a real magazine, is a good example but there are apps better than issu.

The best so far I have notice but not yet practice is the smartphone. Iphone and the new smartphone by Samsung seem promising and I’ve heard lot of good things about it. It has its limitations but it is better than nothing.

As for the CMS wordpress rules, itsa user friendly CMS.

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