Social media, mobile phone and the news room: MMJ week 8,9

When facebook was created it was a channel for people to connect with friends but along the way it has been embraced by newsroom everywhere, same goes with twitter and other social networking sites.

Social networking site gave instant access inside the newsroom; feedback can easily be received and can easily be replied by editor or reporters.

Delivering the news has become easy by using social networking site, searching and receiving new has also been speed up.

Breaking news has now been more fast, newsrooms use twitter, FB and other social networking site to break news, gathering information in certain events have also been easier.

In the country social network played a major role on disasters, information can easily be gathered, pictures and videos can easy be ‘snatched’ (lost for words) by newsrooms.

Should mobile phones be the primary reporting tool in a converged newsroom?

It should be like this “Should smartphones be the primary reporting tool in a converged newsroom?” if this is the question then the answer would be definitely yes!

The smartphone is like a laptop, video cam and a DSLR rolled into one small package. Its fast, light and most of all mobile.

Tons of aps can also be installed in this smartphone.

I have seen several video reports using the iphone alone. Smartphone can also stream video live which maybe the biggest asset, no need to bring the OB van anymore.

With the help of certain apps you can edit photos and videos with a smartphone and send it back to the desk or post it to social network including you text without any help of another single external device.

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