No stopping convergence and social media

By Anthony Bayarong, Yasmin Lee Arpon, and Jose Torres Jr. Final report for MMJ 191 subject There is no stopping the use of social media and the phenomenon of convergence in the fast-evolving newsrooms in Southeast Asia. Traditional publications, community newspapers and alternative news organizations are making use of these new strategies. We asked representativesContinue reading “No stopping convergence and social media”

Social media, mobile phone and the news room: MMJ week 8,9

When facebook was created it was a channel for people to connect with friends but along the way it has been embraced by newsroom everywhere, same goes with twitter and other social networking sites. Social networking site gave instant access inside the newsroom; feedback can easily be received and can easily be replied by editorContinue reading “Social media, mobile phone and the news room: MMJ week 8,9”

Tools for the not so new trade: MMJ week 7

Variety of tools is available for on-the-go journalist. Smartphones, tablets, DSLR, audio recorders Video recorders you name it’s and it out there. So what’s the best tool? I really do believe that a good smartphone with and HD video capability and an 8 mega pixel camera on board is a perfect tool for Mobile JournalistContinue reading “Tools for the not so new trade: MMJ week 7”