Multimedia, connectivity and the Holy Grail: Week 5

This year Samsung announced its smart TV products with its stunning screen and cloud connectivity, it can also hook up to the internet.

FB, twitter, and the whole internet including youtube can now be accessed through the smart TV. So what’s in it for the journalism world? For one convergence in the newsroom anchored on the internet, and as DJ Clark mention in his first intro on multimedia, he said TV is the Holy Grail of multimedia journalism.

Now you’re probably asking what’s this got to do with week 5 in our convergence class, well, with the advent of smart TV now entering the living room, multimedia journalist can now showcase their stuff not only in their websites, blogs, youtube or vimeo, now we have a chance to showcase our craft on those new smart TV via the internet.

So what’s the convergence success story? Here’s a quote from John Naugthon from an article posted in the says

“For the last two decades, the computing and media industries have been intoning their own version of “plastics”. They call it “convergence”. It’s all based on the realisation that, since the 1990s, most media – print, audio, video, graphics – have been reduced to the lowest common denominator: bits, the ones and zeroes of binary arithmetic. If you examine the contents of your computer’s hard drive – or your iPod’s flash memory – all you will see are bits and there’s no immediate way of knowing whether a particular bitstream is a portion of an email message, a photograph, a song or a video.

“Finally, after these two decades of promise, we might now have reached a tipping point in this convergence story.” Full story here

So if that is the case are we now entering the final stage of convergence? Surely we have proven that we have passed the stages of the print to web, the print to web to mobile and tablets and the evolution of journalist who now can basically do everything by themselves. Will we now produce more visuals to incorporate and cope with the introduction of smart TV? Will we see more of the like of Dan Fung Dennis? Who shoots documentary by himself without any team or crew?

I still leave you this question, when will convergence end? =)

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