Pay per view news: MMJ week 4

Will I pay for news content online? The answer would likely be no.

For the past 3 years since the launching of my news website I hardly picked up a newspaper. I mostly go online and read news from several news website both local and international.

I would considering buying online content from news website if it gets my attention; like for example a documentary video about war like the Dan Fung Dennis documentary; surprisingly I found documentaries from BBC, CBS, Natgeo in youtube.

Besides I’m really not a reader; pictures and video are my interest. I would buy aps for an iphone, ipad or smartphone if I had one. But buying materials/news for reading will be the least of my interest.

While it is true that advertisers are literally the bloodline of news organization, readers are there to fuel the market. Advertisers have no direct medium to sell their products unless they own a newspaper, TV or Radio station.

My website for examples do make money enough for a one man operation, I’ve learned the hard way that making materials for the website is easy, it only requires time but selling your news website to advertisers is a whole new different ball game. What more if I offer to sell my content to readers.

I however agree with the statement of Tribune Company president Jack Fuller saying “that the most stupid thing the American newspaper industry had ever done was to give away content for free on the web.” It’s a very stupid thing to do but it made the readers read more and go back and read more or watch more in this new multimedia journalism platform.

But if news organization did not give out news for free what would be the state of journalism now? It’s hard to tell.

Advertisers has yet to be convince in my area about placing an ad online or maybe im just approaching them in the wrong direction. Surprisingly they still prefer print over online, despite the fact the broadband connection is good in the province and print paper is nearing death with its high production cost and maximum production of only 1000 copies or less.

Whichever it is, paying to read news online generally will choke.

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