News and its audience: MMJ week 3

I personally get my news via the net at around 80%, maybe 15% goes to TV and 5% in print.

Majority of the audience of Subic Times however are from the Middle East, mostly overseas Filipino workers (OFW’s) second comes from the Philippines and I assume that most of it are readers from our community (Subic, Olongapo and Zambales province)

In this video, Danny Schechter who is a blogger and film maker briefly explains (at 1:23 to 1:40) that the new audience in this age of digital news do not relay on the tradition news source which is TV and is now going to the web for alternative news.

In a recent interview with Roberto Garcia who is the Chairman of Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority

He said that he primarily reads his news using the internet, checks update using his tablet and phone while briefly checks the print in the afternoon for pictures and watch TV in the evening.

Since Subic Times is primarily a local news website its target audience is the local community together with other people who are now abroad who looks for news updates in their home town (Olongapo, Subic Bay Freeport and Zambales).

Pictures and videos are the top choice by our readers, second would be politics and then the regular news.

I am not an intense reader myself I prefer video clip, reports over text report and I do believe that short stories are better than traditional new writing for print. Unless off course it is a full featured report with pictures I hope.

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