Will multimedia journalist rule this year?

2011 ended with some interesting news from New York Times which announced that it was selling its regional papers after the company decided that it will push through with its plan to go full digital with its news service.

“The sale of our Regional Media Group will enable The New York Times Company to continue our transformation to a digitally focused, multiplatform media company,” said New York Times Co. Chairman Arthur Sulzberger. The Philippine Star reported.

Will this have a snowball effect in the news industry? Will the hardcore paper guys and gals finally give in and shift to the digital form?   

New York Times also admitted that it has suffered a decline in advertisements.

It is very clear that production is shrinking, advertisers are moving, the readers are getting news for free, why spend money on newspaper when you can read or watch the news as it happens on the web?

Printing cost, labor cost, delivery cost and limited space for the print versus the low cost and unlimited space on the web. Do the math, its easy.

No more harmful ink, no more dead trees and no more paper cut.

2012 will set online journalism a foot forward, there will be convergence in the newsroom and among fellow journalist which are now slowly shifting to digital platform, just recently former top guns of two giant network worked together and formed rappler.com.

Hyper local news website has also shared a good 2011 year. One of the oldest newspaper in Olongapo City is trying to revive it self but production cost has hampered its print edition. I’ve help them in creating an online version but still with resistance.

Admittedly, a one man newsroom being the editor, writer, photographer, videographer, admin, video editor, encoder, and manage all of production and updating the website is hard work, believe me.

I am happier with the web despite the hardship of managing the website alone than the print, space is unlimited, updates can be real time, our audience is the world and feedback is quick.

I leave you with an Interview with Maria Ressa, CEO of Rappler.com | New Media Philippines.

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