The Journalism Blues: What happened to the news? MMJ intro

The song basically explains how journalism has evolve over the years, from being a writer who uses a pen and paper to gather information and later make news out of it for a single platform. Ex: Print newspaper.

Now that technology has also evolve, journalist or reporters rely mostly on digital gadgets like audio recorder or an Ipad to take down note, use a mobile phone to take pictures and video and is expected to send report package in remote places.

Journalist now are asked to do multiple task, write, take a photo, take a video, tweet and post to social network site. Not to mention being guinea-pigs for new gadgets in the market to make the jobs supposedly easier.

Mobile journalism or MOJO’s is now the trend in newsrooms, now you can just email, PM or even lift a post in social networking site and make an article; all this even without stepping your foot inside the office.

But all this has a negative effect, it’s very sad to say that some newsrooms ignored fail the basic rules of journalism which is fact checking, what is most important today for newsrooms is how fast they can break news, update it and so forth.

Internet has played a significant role in the journalism evolution; talks have been circulating for years now that newspapers will be obsolete in a few years; which is why newspaper companies have set up website to try and catch up.

A perfect example here is me, I manage a community news website, I’m the web administrator, editor, writer, photographer, video editor, marketing, etc. I also write for several national dailies and local papers and a sub editor for a foreign newspaper.

Now I don’t have to pray every time I send out an article or picture to my national newspaper hoping that they will use it and cursing an ad placement the day after for taking up too much space for placing an ad on our page which was supposed to be the space for my article or picture.

The evolution has been positive for me, but some hard core/old school journalist turn their back intentionally, but hey I’m not them and they are not me.

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